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Top Tips for a Cleaner Carpet During the Winter

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Top Tips for a Cleaner Carpet During the Winter

While maintaining a clean carpet can be a difficult task during any month, it becomes especially more demanding during the winter months when snow, dirt, and debris are tracked indoors. And while doormats help somewhat, they don’t prevent debris from getting onto your carpeting — especially if you have guests over, children, or pets running around.

Continue reading for some top tips from our professional carpet cleaners at Clean USA in Sycamore on keeping your carpet clean during the slushy winter months, and if you are in need of professional carpet cleaning, give us a call today!

1. Take Your Shoes Off (and Have Your Guests Take Their Shoes Off) When Entering Your Home

The winter months often provide many challenges to maintaining clean carpets, especially with the changing weather causing icy snow to dirty slush. Our shoes can track lots of dirt into our homes and leave our carpets a mess in an instant. Even worse, the snow stuck on shoes can have salt treatments mixed in that can cause damage to carpeting.

The easiest way to combat dirt and potential damage is to take off your shoes, and have your guests take off their shoes, either before or as soon as they come in the door. You may even want to look into purchasing a shoe mat that can collect dirt and water if you don’t have a garage or mudroom where you can avoid getting dirt and snow on your carpets altogether.

2. Deal With Stains Promptly

If dirt still manages to find its way into your carpet, be sure to clean up any stains right away. The longer that a stain sits on your carpet, the more likely it is to set in and leave a permanent stain.

3. Vacuum Often

While you may be diligent about taking off your shoes and cleaning up any stains immediately when they happen, you will still want to regularly vacuum your carpet. Crumbs, dirt, and other debris will eventually find their way into your carpet and build up over time, and it’s not just during the wintertime. We suggest vacuuming your carpet at least once a week, but depending on how dusty your home is, you may even want to vacuum twice a week to ensure your carpets are as clean as possible.

4. Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Our last tip for today’s post is to have your carpets professionally cleaned. When you work with Clean USA in Sycamore, one of our professional carpet cleaners will provide you with a quality, affordable deep carpet cleaning in order to pick up all of the dirt, debris, hair, and other items that have accumulated in your carpets. Our team of technicians has extensive knowledge and experience working with and cleaning carpets of all different types and know how to provide the most thorough cleaning for your specific type. We suggest getting your carpets cleaned at least once per year, but you may want to consider getting it done more often depending on whether or not anyone in your household has allergies, if you have special events, or if you just want to have constantly clean carpets!

Give us a call at Clean USA today to schedule your next carpet cleaning!