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Water Restoration Prevents Illness

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Water Restoration Prevents Illness

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Regardless of the cause, whether from a natural disaster, a broken pipe or a toilet or washing machine overflow, it is important that property owners seek immediate assistance when water damage occurs to their homes or businesses.  Professional water restoration assistance can help prevent related problems from developing later on.

Mold, which is a microscopic fungus, is always a concern after water damage occurs, and for good reason. The spores from this  fungus can germinate and grow in any damp or moist environment, and can trigger allergies that have adverse affects on the upper respiratory system. Mold grows very quickly, especially in warm climates.

More serious mold-related problems may occur when one is exposed to higher levels of mold, including:

  • nasal and sinus congestion
  • severe coughing
  • breathing difficulties
  • throat soreness
  • eye or skin irritation
  • respiratory and sinus infections

When hiring a company to do water damage restoration, one should look for a company that has experience in testing for mold, and that knows how to identify and remove any sources of moisture that may be causing the problem. This includes the removal of any materials that have been exposed to the mold, such as insulation, dry wall, plaster, ceiling tiles, carpet and the padding that goes under the carpet, wood (other than solid wood), and any damaged paper products that may be in the vicinity.

The competent company will be able to quickly remove all traces of mold and restore the area back to its original mold-free state.  If you are looking for a solution to a mold problem or have other water damage to your property, please contact us for assistance. One of our helpful associates will be happy to schedule an appointment for a consultation.