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Water Restoration Tips for Any Sized Water Spill

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Water Restoration Tips for Any Sized Water Spill

Any type of water spill in a home or office is bad. Water has a way of seeping into wood, walls, and floors and ruining anything that it comes into contact with.

What’s worse, when water isn’t cleaned up within a reasonable amount of time, it continues to damage whatever it comes into contact with. This is what makes timely water restoration so important when there is a water spill.

Here are some tips on water restoration for any situation.

– Act fast! Don’t give water spills time to cause damage.

– If the spill is small enough, attempt to sop it up with towels or a wet/dry vacuum.

– If a spill is large, like a sewage backup or washer overflow, try to remove whatever water possible with buckets, then call a professional.

– If you are present when the spill takes place, quickly unplug any electrical devices within the water’s reach.

– Never walk in deep water if the electricity is still connected to the area. Your risk of electrical shock is elevated in such situations.

– To expedite the drying process, once all standing water is removed, mop the area thoroughly. If possible, open any windows in the area to introduce air into the situation.

– Disinfect the water damaged area with a strong disinfectant or cleaner to stop bacteria and mold growth.

– Do not keep any items that have severe water damage. Things like furniture, rugs, and other items that have absorbed water should be disposed of.

– Replace all of the wet or rotted drywall. Once water seeps into drywall, it can cause mold growth and rot. Remove any damaged drywall immediately and replace it.

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