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What to Ask When Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

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What to Ask When Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

We all get confused when trying to hire someone to do something. But with carpet cleaners, don’t forget to ask the right questions to fit your needs. The cheapest is usually not the best.

  1. What are the carpet cleaning methods that they employ?
    Usually you are trying to get out every allergen and toxin in your carpet, not just the dirt. The best method for this is hot water extraction. Hot-water extraction means a hot water cleaning solution, under high pressure, is forced into your carpet and then extracted out of your carpet.
  2. How long would they take to complete the job?
  3. What equipment do they use?
  4. What is the cost of their services?
  5. Do they provide a service guarantee?
    Usually try to make sure of this. You want to make sure your protected against bad service and any after problems.
  6. Which trade association are they members of?
  7. Do they offer any insurance as carpet cleaners?
  8. Do they have any training as carpet cleaners?
  9. Are they licensed and certified?
    Make sure they are IICRC certified, in both the company and the technician.

These are some great questions to ask when trying to find the right carpet cleaner for you.

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