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Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best For You?

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Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Best For You?

With so many carpet cleaning companies in Dekalb County, there are many methods available to get your carpet cleaning done. Each one has its own pros and cons; its own advantages and disadvantages. Some work better on small carpets, and some work better on large rugs. Here are the most common carpet cleaning methods.

1: Shampooing. This method involves literally shampooing your carpet and scrubbing it vigorously with revolving scrubs. This is done by having a large robotic machine travel over your carpet and scrubbing it with those large revolving scrubs. Shampooing your carpet can really remove its dirt and dust. On the other hand, shampooing your carpet can damage its fibers if done too vigorously, and it does not work very well on wall to wall rugs, as furniture and other stuff get in the way. The shampoo must also be completely removed from the carpet, for if not, it will simply attract more dust. The carpet must be rinsed out and left to dry.

2: Steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is not exactly the way it sounds: steam will not remove stains. Instead, the carpet is doused with detergents, and steam is then applied. The detergents break up the dirt, while the steam wets the carpet and effectively rinses it out. The machinery involved works well with wall to wall rugs, but as with shampooing, the detergent will attract dust if not completely removed, and it must also be left to dry.

3: Dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is done by applying chemicals to the carpet, which break up stains and dirt. No rinsing is done. This method cleans very well, and although a small amount of moisture is involved, it does not require drying time.

4: HWE. Hot water extraction, which (as it sounds) uses hot water to extract dirt, is sometimes lumped together in the same category as steam cleaning, but they are not truly the same. Different cleaning solutions, water temperatures, and cleaning methods are used. This is the preferred method, and the one that’s most recommended.

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In any case, carpet cleaning should be done by a professional, as even small mistakes can result in your carpet being stained forever. Contact us for affordable carpet cleaning solutions.