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Why Green Carpet Cleaning is Best for Your Business

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Why Green Carpet Cleaning is Best for Your Business

At this point in history, the concept of “going green” is not new. We’ve all heard how beneficial eco-friendly cleaning can be for businesses, especially for their customers and employees. A bunch of people stuck in closed spaces filled with residues from toxic cleaning materials isn’t great. However, enhanced health benefits aren’t the only advantages of green commercial cleaning. There are several more reasons why you should turn to Clean USA for green cleaning services.

Why Green Carpet Cleaning is Best for Your Business

If you’ve been depending on traditional cleaning materials for your business, making the change to something more eco-friendly can seem daunting and perhaps not worthwhile. However, there are many reasons why going green is a fantastic idea!

You get a reputation boost.

  • Going green isn’t just a practical advantage, it’s joining a popular movement that started a good while ago and is still going strong. Customers are likely to appreciate your efforts to care for the environment. However, if you want more than boasting rights, you aren’t alone. The great news is, going green has a significant set of legitimate, measurable advantages.

Your LEED score can go up.

  • The United States Green Building Council (ISGBC) has created a rating system to evaluate the environmental performances of buildings with the goal of encouraging sustainable design. The rating system is called leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and having a great score can only be good for your business. You can exceed in areas like policy, equipment, products, and materials.

You can increase your ROI.

Great return on investment (ROI) is key to any business’s success. Business owners tend to avoid going green because they’re worried about higher expenses. However, green cleaning instituted by expert teams can actually save you a lot of money. How?

  • Green cleaning is more efficient. Not only does eco-friendly cleaning use fewer chemicals, it often requires less time. That means you can save money on purchasing materials and paying workers for the time it takes them to clean.
  • Green cleaning is safer for custodial staff. Green chemicals tend not to contain harsh materials that can cause burns. Additionally, environments filled with harsh chemicals can cause health issues over time for everyone, but custodial staff will be affected the most because they have the most exposure. With fewer injuries, you get fewer compensation claims, which means you’re saving money.
  • Green cleaning attracts clients, customers, and employees. When they have to choose between a place that uses green chemicals and one that doesn’t, most will go for the greener choice. By making sure you are taking the higher road, you put yourself in a good position to attract customers who want to stay. This is an investment that will give you good returns!

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