Servicing DeKalb County, DuPage County, Kane County, McHenry County and the Western Chicago Suburbs

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About Us

At Clean USA Cleaning & Restoration, we specialize in promptly addressing water damage, employing state-of-the-art- techniques to remove water and dry out properties to efficiently prevent further damage and mold growth.

We service both residential and commercial customers offer water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, and decontamination services. We are passionate about fiercely serving our customers.

Our mission is: “Our highly trained professionals transform chaos into calm with unforgettable service while enriching the lives of our team and the communities we serve.”

Excellent Benefits

  • Medical
  • Life Insurance
  • 401K
  • Company Vehicle
  • Company Cell Phone

Growth Opportunities

  • Comprehensive Onboarding
  • Ongoing Training Programs
  • Sponsored Certifications

'Wow' Company Culture

Our core values are more than just words on a page—they are the principles that guide every decision, action, and interaction within our team and with our clients and community. At Clean USA, we summarize our ethos with the acronym CUSA, representing Commitment, Unity, Service & Safety, and Accountability.


We’re a family that values commitment, unity, service & safety, and accountability.  Here, we believe that work isn’t just about the tasks we complete; it’s about the environment we create and the relationships we build. At Clean USA, we summarize our ethos with the acronym CUSA, representing Commitment, Unity, Service & Safety, and Accountability. 

Beyond the technical skills, we offer opportunities for professional development, including workshops on communication, leadership, and time management. Our goal is to help you build a well-rounded skill set that supports your growth within the company.
As a growing company, the opportunities for advancement are plentiful. We’re constantly expanding our services and coverage area, which means new roles and responsibilities are regularly created. We encourage our team members to express their career aspirations so we can support their journey towards achieving them.