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When to Break Up With Your Janitorial Service Provider

Understanding any type of contract is important. It’s no different when you evaluate the janitorial services contract that you sign on behalf of your company. It is critically important to you to not only understand but also agree to all the terms and conditions outlined in the janitorial service contract. When you change cleaning companies, […]

Dangers of Hiring the Lowest Bidder for Janitorial Services

Choosing a professional janitorial cleaning company in Sycamore, Illinois (or professional office cleaning company in Sycamore, Illinois) can help increase your office productivity, help keep positive morale with your employees, and have a positive lasting impression with your customers. But, as you invite companies into your bidding process, you may be tempted to choose the […]

Janitorial Services: How A Clean Office Space Increases Productivity

“Presenting yourself as an organised, confident, and together person is obviously quite crucial in an office dynamic. It is also physically challenging to have meetings in a cluttered office. People might not feel relaxed or at the peak of their performance when their eyes are darting everywhere seeing your mess with nowhere to set down […]

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What to Expect From A Commercial Janitorial Service

Having your commercial property cleaned regularly is important for staff and visitors alike. Studies have shown that a clean work environment is good for productivity, morale, and peace of mind. One such study, which focused on more than 400 people, found that productivity levels were dramatically increased by a clean work environment. “A clean office produced […]