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Ongoing Effects of Water Damage

THE ONGOING EFFECTS OF WATER DAMAGE WITHIN MINUTES Water contamination spreads to unaffected areas; stains released from furniture (especially antique) discolor carpet permanently;  moisture-sensitive surfaces on furniture turn white; paper goods are ruined due to moisture absorption and swelling’ paper goods are ruined due to moisture absorption and swelling’ pre-existing (animal) odor becomes apparent. WITHIN […]

Best Method of Carpet Cleaning in Naperville IL

WHICH METHOD CLEANS BEST? When choosing a local carpet cleaner in Naperville, IL you have a lot of options to choose from. You should do your research on each type of cleaning method and choose the method that best suits your needs. Below I have listed 4 of the most common types of professional carpet […]

4 Steps to a Healthy, Clean Home – Carpet Cleaning

4 STEPS TO A FRESH, CLEAN, HEALTHY CARPET   If you’re thinking about having your carpet cleaned, we encourage you to follow these four steps: STEP #1: Make a commitment to yourself to get your carpets cleaned.  The longer they remain dirty, the sooner they’ll wear out.  Plus the longer you have to breathe all […]

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Looking for Carpet Cleaning in Naperville, IL

These days, saving a dollar is important. Unfortunately, sometimes saving a dollar means compromising quiality. More people are now turning towards DIY work in order to improve the look and feel of their properties. Also, they are searching for deals and coupons for discounts in hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. It is important that […]

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